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How To Secure Your Card

The first and foremost rule is never to give your card to others or in fact share the 16 digit number with anyone...

How Not To Lose Mone

Check what charges the bank makes. They may charge annual fees and ...

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Tips To Secure Your Credit Card

Using credit cards has become inevitable these days. The world is moving more to a cashless digital economy where usage of paper cash has reduced a lot and is becoming more and more redundant. More items are purchased online now than what is purchased offline on shops, even in shops most of the transactions are done with a credit or a debit card. Thus these plastic cards have become part of our life.

When you run a business, you will need merchant account facilities to help you receive these card payments. Get sufficient backing from merchants with high risk. Everyone uses credit cards these days, making plastic money the way of life for many.

Are They Secure?

Many old age people, especially those who had lived in a cash full society are very reluctant to use these cards and to add fuel to their fire there are reports of credit card and data theft that adds to their woos. There are also many people who end up in a lot of debt after using credit cards. This makes them feel that old times were better and using a credit card is eventually make them lose all their hard earned money.

However this is not entirely true, there are many safety mechanisms that are kept in place by banks and financial institutions and the governments as well have put many regulations in place to ensure the safety of common man.

How To Secure Your Card

Below are some of the tips by which you can secure your card

  1. The first and foremost rule is never to give your card to others or in fact share the 16 digit number with anyone, by anyone literally no other person. There are people who call you and tell you that they are calling you from the bank and give some reasons like its verification and they ask for your card number. They may ask you even your personal details like SSN number, Date of Birth etc. Make sure you cut the call right away and inform the bank. No bank or financial institution ever just make an anonymous call and ask these details. The same applies for your PIN number as well.
  2. In case of loss or theft of the card inform the bank immediately, usually toll free numbers are provided by the bank in order to inform them. Keep the number handy or you can also find it in the internet. Immediately report the loss and block the card.
  3. Be careful while using the card online. Ensure that you use it on safe sites and genuine sites. Sometimes you may get an email looking like it is from a bank asking you to click on a link and verify. Never click on such links and give information. Always directly type the web address by yourself and also keep an eye on the URL. If you suspect anything amiss then stop doing the transaction.
  4. Nowadays all banks send an SMS immediately once you do a transaction, if you receive any SMS where you have not made a purchase contact the bank immediately and block your card and log a complaint. If you delay you may end up losing a lot of money.
  5. Be careful when you hand over the card to the store guy, there have been very rare cases where the guy behind the counter swipes on two machines and reads the data and later does a data theft, always keep the card under your watch.

How Not To Lose Money

Below are some of the tips by which you need not spend extra money and also end up in debt, ruining your credit history

  1. Check what charges the bank makes. They may charge annual fees and late fees. Ensure that you understand all of those charges.
  2. Pay your amounts before the due date. Do not delay , keep reminders and also ensure you pay at least the minimum amount
  3. Every month review your statement and ensure that there are no extra charges, if you have any questions contact the bank and ensure that you do not do the same mistake again and reduce unwanted charges.
  4. Ensure that you build a good credit history by paying regularly and not build up any backlog.
  5. If you feel you may not be able to repay then do not buy it, many people get lured in to buying since they don’t pay the amount right away and get in to a vicious cycle, avoid the temptation.

Thus as one can see credit cards are both safe and secure. Unless one is careless they cannot lose their hard earned money. Credit cards are really the way forward in the modern economy and it is good that one embraces it and understands it. They are here to stay.

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